Hot and Sour Soup


8 – 10 C Water with 6-8 T of Soup Mix OR 8 – 10 C Chicken Broth

1 8oz Package Sliced Mushrooms

1 C Sliced Bamboo Shoots

¼ C Low Sodium Soy Sauce

¼ C White Vinegar

1 t White Pepper (or other pepper)

¼ C Corn Starch

1 Cube of Tofu, cut into match stick sized strips

One egg, beaten


Bring broth to boil. Add mushrooms and bamboo shoots, return to boil.

Add soy sauce and vinegar, return to boil. Moisten corn starch in water and add to broth, return to boil.

Add Tofu and return to boil. Whip in egg and turn off flame. Serve hot. May be reheated and/or frozen.

Submitted by: Sandra Katz, Plainview, NY