Nannette's Challah


2 Eggs

½ C Oil

½ C Sugar

1 pkg. Yeast dissolved in ¼ C Lukewarm Water

1t Salt

1C Lukewarm Water

4 C All Purpose Flour


Beat ingredients in order listed, egg whites first. Refrigerate dough for at least 12 hours..

Cover with plastic wrap and then a towel.

On baking day, let challah sit for several hours at room temperature. This is the time to separate challah and say Brucha Asher Kidashanu. Roll two loaves into shape on a floured board and let rise for two hours or more.

Brush top of challah with egg yolks, water and sugar mixture. Sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds.

Bake for ½ hour at 300° and then 350° for 15 to 20 minutes, watching closely for last 10 minutes. Challah is done when bottom is golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped.

Created by: Nanette Cohen